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"Between working the farm, hosting weddings and events, managing the business, running my own ad agency, and raising our 2-year old daughter, I never seem to stop. But Meredith and I relish our exciting life—the amazing people we get to meet and work with, and the challenges that keep us on our toes."  — RYAN WINIARSKI

Driven by their shared dream of a life in agriculture, Ryan Winiarski and his wife, Meredith Lanoue, recently started their family on an exciting journey coming out of the pandemic lockdown. Together, they seized the opportunity to become proud owners of Priam Vineyards, an established 40-acre vineyard and winery in Colchester, CT.

When COVID forced Ryan to close the Hartford office of his advertising agency, home confinement and sitting at a computer in the basement got to be too much. It was during development of a website for a Texas-based wine seller that Ryan's thoughts turned to his early years working on local tobacco and hay farms, where the joy of working outdoors left an indelible mark. A Google search for "vineyards for sale in CT" led him to the opportunity that would change their lives—Priam Vineyards.

Ryan Winiarski and Meredith Lanoue, owners of Priam Vineyards in Colchester CT.

Ryan and Meredith hit it off immediately with the sellers—they knew they wanted to buy, and the sellers saw in their family the future they wanted for the property they had nurtured from the ground up.

From day one, Ryan dove into the myriad challenges of managing a working a farm and running an established business. Ryan’s years of military service—five in the Marine Crops and three in the Connecticut National Guard—form the core of who he is and cultivated in him the discipline, stamina, grit, and preparedness needed to power through the long days, lead a team of employees, and take charge of getting things done. Whether that meant broken equipment, flooded fields or faulty water pumps.

Between working the farm; hosting weddings, concerts, comedy shows, private events, wine and food pairings and festivals; managing the business; raising his 2-year old daughter, Scarlett; and continuing to operate his ad agency, Ryan never stops. He, Meredith and Scarlett relish their exciting life—the amazing people they get to meet and work with, and the challenges that keep them on their toes.

After successfully navigating their first year, they are hopeful for continued growth—in cultivation, production, distribution and sales of the vineyard’s award-winning wines, events, and on-site experiences. They fell in love with Priam and want to share its beauty with the community, while continuing to make it a must-see destination in Connecticut.

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